Windowpane - EDT


Windowpane - EDT

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Scent Type: Floral: Green/Aldehyde/Iris/Violet/Rose
Windowpane has an expansive green opening, sharp, with an aldehydic lift, citrus and spices mingled with iris a hint of violets and a touch of sweet rose, vetiver, musk, amber and woods.

Dominant Notes: Distilled Lemon, Green Leaves, Hint of Green Pear, Spice Accord, Iris/Orris, Violet, Orris Root Butter, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber, Ambrette Musk

Creative Notes: This is all about the iris. When I smell the ionones, the dominant molecules in iris and violet, they remind me of shattering glass. Even in dilution there are these flashes of glass, starkness and a sense of danger.
Working with iris is a challenge, even more so with natural iris. The differences between a natural iris/orris is so different than the commercial offerings. My desire was to showcase the natural, from the starkness, the green the glass, to the warm roots and sense of something being unearthed.
To someone not familiar with the natural iris root, this may seem an odd perfume and maybe not so much iris at all. I admit it is odd, difficult and unusual. That is why I love it.

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