Lizzie Ann - LE - eau fraiche


Lizzie Ann - LE - eau fraiche

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Gardenia Soliflore
Built around a natural gardenia accord with animalic undertones and sandalwood. More on the green side of gardenia. Fresh and spacious.

——-Available thru summer 2019——-

Notes Include: Gardenia, Woods, Animalic Musk

Perfumers Notes: In my continuing quest to replace many of our synthetic accords and bases with naturals, I first created a similar natural gardenia accord for my own use. This newer version has (I think) captured the flower in such a way that I could not resist creating a version of the perfume for Soivohle.
The concentration of gardenia can be overwhelming, so I have chosen to go with an eau fraiche concentration. This gives the perfume more room to breathe.

I love gardenia and am reminded of it so often as it was a staple in both my grandmothers summer gardens. The perfume Writing lyrical poetry also containing gardenia was created as an homage to those great southern ladies.
This gardenia I created for myself and am sharing with you.

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